Last updated: Jan 25th, 2016


How can I buy an AirBin™?

For sales and demo, drop an Email mahek@antariksh.io or tweet!

Is AirBin™ available for Smart Cities only? New

Yes and No.

How to find Airbin™ in my area?

Download AirBin App, From Home page, select SEARCH ICON > CLICK ON MAP ICON > Find your AirBin and Favorite it.

Where can I download the App from? Updated

Link to be made available soon.

Is there an iOS app?

It will come soon :) We need to get tenders and sales going first.
Ping your local officials and ask them to implement AirBin™(s) in your area ;)

Why an App for Citizens?

Citizens can sync their waste disposal with pickup timings.


What the features in App?

A few are listed below...


Why should I use the app?

The following benefits are achieved from citizen perspective if you use the App

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What is the price of AirBin™ New

AirBin™ can cost anywhere from ₹1L-1.5L depending on application and area of deployment.

What does AirBin mean?

Artificial Intelligence Radio Bins.

What type of SmartBin is an AirBin™ ?

There are different types of Smart Bins in the market. We have a focus on stake holder engagement and interaction. AirBin™ becomes a sentient entity in this silent eco-system.

Can I get financing for AirBin™?

Absolutely. We are working on a financing model with our banking partners! Expect to hear from us about this soon!


How can I contact you?

Drop an Email: mahek@antariksh.io or Tweet to @_Antariksh, @Airbins or @MahekMShah

AirBin™ - Waste Management for Smart Cities powered by Apps

AirBin™ - Smart Bin from Antariksh

Waste Management Disruption.

Digitization of Waste Management is essential if we are to sustain our current lifestyles.

[Tip for Recycling partners]: You can get the type of waste you are looking for, faster. Contact us!

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